Q. How can I qualify for the Grant?
Ans: Individuals seeking to apply for the Grant should be above 18 years and must have a valid bank account.

Q. Does it require my bvn?
Ans: No. We do not request for your bvn.

Q. Can I apply twice with the same account details?
Ans: No. You are only expected to apply once. We won't attend to multiple applications with the same account details.

Q. Why is the Grant Pin compulsory?
Ans: Your unique Grant Pin is needed to validate your request. It will also be used to trace your application info easily on our database for funding.

Q. I am having difficulties applying, what do I do?
Ans: We sincerely understand that some browsers may not likely support our application page. However, we advice that you use sophisticated browsers such as chrome, UC browser, Phoenix etc...
In the case of fee payment error - we advice that you try again using a different email address.

If you encounter any technical hitches during application, kindly reach out to our support team for help.

Q. How do I know my application was successful?
Ans: After filling out the application form and successfully purchasing your Grant id -  you'll receive an email or sms shortly confirming your application with your unique Grant Pin.